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Indiana Child Protective Services Lawyers

At Schembs Law, our family lawyers are familiar handling cases involving child abuse and child neglect and address charges brought up by Child Protective Services against clients. Indiana’s Child Protective Services were set in place to protect children in Indianapolis and surrounding areas throughout the state. With the many cases of child abuse and child neglect that were being brought the attention of social workers throughout the state, policies were set in place by lawmakers to prosecute caretakers accused of child neglect and child abuse.

There are many ways people can end up under investigation by Indianapolis Child Protective Services. Sometimes teachers, doctors, and hospital staff members pick up on “suspicious” behavior from students that can be indicative of abuse or mistreatment at home. Other times, the children themselves can make accusations against a parent for abusing or mistreating them. All it takes to place you under investigation for child abuse or neglect is a simple phone call to Indianapolis Child Protective Services.

Indianapolis Child Protective Services Attorneys

If you have been approached by Indianapolis Child Protective Services, or have reason to believe that you are under investigation for abusing or neglecting a child in your care, you will most definitely need to seek a skilled and experienced Indianapolis family lawyer to protect your rights and make sure you don’t suffer severe and permanent consequences for this allegation.

The family lawyers at Schembs law firm realize that many allegations of child abuse and neglect in Indianapolis are false. Children can be motivated to wrongly accuse caretakers of abuse or neglect out of anger or by being manipulated by another adult, and sometimes teachers and doctors can mistake a child’s behavior for being indicative of abuse when it’s really just their personality. Whatever circumstances surround your case with Indianapolis Child Protective Services, an experienced family lawyer at our firm will be sure to take care of the situation.

Contact an Indianapolis Family Law Attorney at Schembs Law Firm today to discuss your situation with child protective services.

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