Protecting Young Futures

When you're in school, your whole future is in front of you; that is, until you're charged with sexual assault or hate speech. Then you could face expulsion without the benefit of due process. Even schools that want to be fair have federal money to protect. If you rely on your school's judicial process, you could end up as a pawn in its budgetary defense strategy. At Schembs Law, we have no such conflict of interest: Our job is to defend your rights, period.

We Care About Constitutional Violations

When students face suspension or expulsion from school as a result of college disciplinary actions, one can't assume that justice will be served. Often, these proceedings can become "he said-she said" exercises, with the decisions ultimately made by people who fear losing federal funding because of Title IX violations. It would seem easier, from their perspective, to just do away with the problem altogether and get rid of the alleged offender. But when schools do this, they risk violating students' constitutional rights. Here are two examples of when such a situation might arise:

  • Two students get drunk at a party and have sex. Later, the woman comes forward and says she was raped. The man believes she had consented.
  • A student expresses an opinion in a school newspaper and is accused of engaging in hate speech. The writer had thought he or she was engaging in freedom of expression.

Both students could face expulsion without attentive and knowledgeable representation. We're here to make sure students in these and similar situations benefit from the full protection of the law before their futures are changed forever.

Find Out How A Lawyer Can Help

It costs nothing for your first consultation. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to find out how your rights may have been violated and how we can put you back in a position of strength? To schedule your appointment with an attorney, contact us online or call our Indianapolis office at 317-643-6266.