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Grandparents' Rights

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Standing Up To Criminal Charges

3If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’ve probably wished at some point that the charges would just go away if you shut your eyes and held your breath. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. Without a skilled criminal defense lawyer, you could end up facing fines and jail time and permanent damage to your reputation and future prospects. Now is not the time to take chances. You need a lawyer who knows how to defend you to the maximum possible extent.

Can I Get My Charges Dismissed?

In some cases, depending on your situation, your charges could be dismissed. However, this is not the outcome for most cases. What we try to do, however, is to mitigate the consequences of whatever charges you face. That could mean getting your charges reduced, which might result in a lower fine or a shorter jail term or less community service, depending on your case. A criminal charge doesn’t equal a criminal conviction. We examine every case on an individual basis and will determine the best strategy to defend you against the charges you face.

A Focus On Family Crime

Complementing our family law practice, we also handle family disputes. For example, we represent individuals facing charges of:

  • Domestic assault
  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Child abduction

We also handle a range of other criminal charges, including financial crimes like fraud or embezzlement, and sex-related crimes like child molestation or child abuse that could land an accused person on a sex offender registry for life.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, make sure to speak with an attorney before speaking with the police about what happened.

Don’t Wait To Build Your Defense

Patience isn’t a virtue when you’re facing criminal charges. The longer you wait to contact a lawyer, the more advantage you yield to the prosecutors seeking a conviction. To schedule your initial consultation with a criminal defense attorney today, call our Indianapolis firm at 317-643-6266 or use our online contact form to get in touch.