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Strong Defense After Financial Fallout

If you believe you’re being investigated for a white collar crime in Indiana, you need a lawyer right away. You need a strong defense like you would for any criminal charge. But if you’re already being investigated, that means the prosecution is already that much farther ahead. Any additional delays could hurt your case.

Is What I Did A Crime?

White-collar crime involves deceit for financial gain and takes many forms, including:

  • Fraud. There are many types of fraud, which generally involves making dishonest claims to reap financial benefit. Some of these include mortgage fraud, tax fraud and identity theft.
  • Embezzlement. This involves taking money from an employer and using it for your own personal benefit. Even if you “borrowed” the money with the intent to return it, this still qualifies as embezzlement.
  • Money laundering. Money acquired illegally and then made to look “legit” is laundered money.
  • Tax evasion/fraud. If you failed to file a tax return or entered false information on your return to avoid paying taxes, you could be charged with a white collar crime.

The only person you should be talking to about your criminal charge is your lawyer.

With these types of crimes, people can have justifications for actions they’ve taken. Sometimes those qualify as a defense, but not always. Whatever charges you are facing, you need an attorney with a sharp ear for the details of your case who can effectively protect your rights and your reputation.

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