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Why parents may want to file for child support

A parent in Indiana may be hesitant to file for child support from the other parent if it means that parent will become part of the child's life. If the parents were never married, establishing paternity might be the first step to getting child support. Whether parents are divorced or were never married to one another, the child has the right to support from both parents.

Dealing with pet custody

As a couple prepares to divorce in Indianapolis, both sides no doubt are prepared to go to battle over certain issues. Were most to guess what these issues are, custody of the family pet would likely not be among them. Yet information compiled by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers shows that as of 2017, family law attorneys saw a 30 percent increase in the amount of pet custody disputes observed. One the one hand, some might wonder why a couple would allow an argument over who gets the family pet to hold up their divorce. On the other, many recognize that pets often become part of the family, so debating over who keeps them in a divorce is understandable. 

The many benefits of paternity leave

Any man in Indiana who has become a father knows how dramatically this event changes their lives. The world is simply never the same again once a person moves into the role of parent. To think that society for so long tried to keep fathers out of the parenting role to a large degree is a shame but that is changing. Whether married to a child's mother or not, taking paternity leave when a new baby arrives is important for dads and their new loves.

What is an open adoption?

You may be an expectant mother in Indiana who knows that you are unable, because of finances or some other reason, to properly care for a new baby. However, you may be reluctant to put your child up for adoption because you want to have a place in his or her life and fear the loss of all contact. If this your situation, an open adoption may be the best solution for you, your child and the adoptive parents. 

401k division during divorce

Those who are the primary income earners in their homes likely go into divorce proceedings in Indianapolis understanding that they are going to have to relinquish full ownership of their marital assets. Few initially understand, however, that a 401k retirement account sponsored through their employers is included in such assets. As such accounts are funded from their income, the contributions made to them when people are married are considered marital property. Yet given the tax implications inherit with retirement accounts, one might wonder a 401k is divided up between parties during a divorce. 

Dispelling common myths about alimony

Many in Indianapolis may have a number of misconceptions about alimony (or, as Indiana state law calls it, "spousal maintenance"), chief among them being the ideas that alimony is automatically awarded in any divorce case, and that it is always awarded to the wife. This misunderstanding may come from the notion that alimony is in some way meant to be punitive towards the spouse who makes the most money, or the one whose actions contributed to the end of a marriage. In reality, alimony is simply meant to be a temporary means of financial support

Why should I establish paternity?

If you have a child and were not married to his or her mother, then you should consider establishing paternity. Legally making a claim of being the father of a child in Indiana affords you specific rights to the child and also gives the child specific rights. Without established paternity, it can make it harder for you to be involved with your child and to ensure his or her needs are taken care of.

Modifying a child support obligation in Indiana

Most divorcees in Indianapolis likely have no issue paying child support. Their love for their kids (along with their desire to ensure that the kids have all that they need) often prompts such parents to want to continue to support them. However, as time passes, one's financial circumstances may change. For example, a father paying child support might see his working hours reduced, resulting in a cut to his income. How is he, then, to continue to meet his child support obligation while also supporting himself (as well as any new dependents he now may have)? 

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