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Post-divorce dating and your kids

For many people in Indiana who have gotten divorced, there comes a time when they begin to consider getting back into the dating scene. This may happen via a conscious effort, such as signing up with an online dating site, or by happenstance, if a person unexpectedly meets someone they become romantically interested in. Either way, for people with kids still at home, this situation raises many questions about what, when and how to initiate any potential new mate to one's children.

Act quickly to establish your children's paternity

Fathers in Indiana have parental rights in regard to their biological children. This is true regardless of whether or not you are married to your children's mother. However, we at Robert Schembs know that the law makes different assumptions as to the paternity of children born out of wedlock than of those born within it. If you and the mother of your children have never married, you must take legal steps to establish paternity of your children in order to protect your parental rights in the event of a split between you and your significant other. It is best to do this as soon as possible after the child's birth to avoid future difficulties in family court. 

Why are more dads receiving custody of kids?

Whether you are a single father or are currently going through the divorce process, you may feel overwhelmed and emotional when dealing with the separation. Going through a divorce involving children can be complicated, especially when it comes to determining who will receive custody of the children. Traditionally, mothers have been awarded full or primary custody of the children in a divorce, as they are often the primary caretakers of the kids. Changing dynamics in the workplace and evolving parental roles, however, have also changed the way judges award child custody.

What is malicious parent syndrome and how can you recognize it?

Divorcing your spouse in Indiana is a stressful process, especially if you have children. If your ex-spouse engages in behavior intended to harm your relationship with your children and/or your reputation in the community, it can quickly become a nightmare scenario in which you are the victim of malicious parent syndrome. 

The importance of dads in kids' well-being

Society today seems to be growing in its understanding of the importance of fathers in their children's lives. No longer are moms seen as the only important parent for kids. Yet, there are still some gaps when it comes to understanding exactly how and why dads may make such a difference in their children's lives. 

How has fatherhood changed in recent decades?

If you are a dad in Indiana who is facing an impending divorce, you are likely worried about your children and how much time you will be able to have with them once you are divorced. During this process, it will be important for you to hold tight to the knowledge that you as a father are essential to your children's well-being so that you work to secure time with your children both during and after your divorce.

The importance of dads in kids' lives

Despite changes in societal thinking, many men getting divorced in Indiana may still today feel it can be hard to ensure they are treated equally compared to their wives when it comes to securing time with their children. A divorce naturally reduces the amount of time each parent may have with their kids so it can be even more important at this time to work to ensure fathers are allowed the time they and their kids deserve.

What is the fathers' rights movement?

Gone are the days when divorcing fathers in Indiana and elsewhere could automatically expect courts to award full custody of children to their mother. As the fathers’ rights movement of the past several decades has become more and more visible, it has also advanced the case for shared custody, and today’s family court decisions reflect these ongoing societal changes. That does not mean that shared custody is a given, however. Fathers still need to assert their interests, and their rights, in remaining a part of their children’s lives.

What is paternity fraud?

Most Indiana parents might agree that a father's bond with his children is often the most joyous aspect of life. Through all of the ups and downs of childrearing, the memories made together over the years are priceless. When a father discovers that his child is not biologically his own, an entire world can seem to come crashing down. What, exactly, is paternity fraud, and how do fathers generally handle and address such devastating news?

Fathers' rights and shifting family dynamics

Any kind of family problem can take a toll on Indiana residents, but divorce tends to unleash its own set of challenges. Those who find it difficult to determine child custody plans can easily feel discouraged or overwhelmed. A current concern in regard to these plans involves fathers' rights, as a movement has reached the spotlight in recent years. Does this movement take a progressive step forward when it comes to giving a more balanced child custody plan for parents? Many disagree on the subject, but in the meantime, countless fathers nevertheless struggle to find time with their own children.

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