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The danger in becoming a Disneyland Dad

Many fathers in Indianapolis may feel picked on during divorce proceedings. That may be due to the perception that the processes generally favors mothers. According to the law, no preference is supposed to be given during divorce proceedings (particularly when coming up with a custody arrangement) on the basis of sex. Yet statistics show that this standard may appear to be more of an ideal than an actual practice. Indeed, information shared by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that as of 2013, only 17.5 percent of custodial parents were fathers. 

Financial realities of a gray divorce

Some people in Indiana might have heard references to a trend called "gray divorce". This term pertains to a divorce that happens when the spouses are over the age of 50. While property division settlements may result in the loss of assets for spouses regardless of their ages, the financial hit taken by a person over 50 has the ability to be more damaging than the hit taken by a person in their 30s. 

Tax changes for alimony to begin soon

For many couples in Indiana who get divorced, one person may end up paying spousal support to the other one for some period of time. Despite many social changes in the United States, the person ordered to pay alimony is most frequently the husband as he is often the spouse who earns the higher income in the marriage. When ordered to pay alimony, a man has historically been able to deduct the payments from his federal income tax return. This has to some degree helped to make it easier for men to accept making these payments.

What if I don’t agree with how my ex spends child support?

Life can be challenging for divorced parents, whether they are the custodial parent or the one who sees the kids on the weekends. As the parent who pays child support, you understand that your ex-spouse has difficulty making ends meet, but money can be tight for you as well. A big chunk of your paycheck goes toward supporting your children. Like other Indiana parents who pay child support, you may be concerned with how the money is being spent.

Generational discrepancy in divorce rates

For years now, many people in Indiana have heard reports bemoaning the ongoing rise in the nation's divorce rate. Many have pointed to this trend as some sort of evidence of a breakdown in traditional societal values. Others have considered it a reflection of the changing times. New research has recently come to light that may indicate this previous increase in the divorce rate may be changing, at least for some people in specific generations.

When should you consider mediation?

Many in Indianapolis view the decision to get a divorce as one that brings with it closure. In reality, what it really signals is the beginning of a process that can be among the most difficult both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have ever been called upon to endure. Divorce proceedings can become heated and confrontational, and in many cases, even be drawn out over several months to even years before a resolution is reached. To combat this potential, you may be advised to consider mediation? Yet is that always the best solution? 

Alienation of affection explained

Most in Indianapolis likely enter into their marriages thinking that they will last forever. In many cases, without the intervention of a third party, they may very well have. However, one spouse entering into a romantic relationship with another person is often a difficult blow for a marriage to overcome. One whose marriage ends due to such a relationship may harbor a heavy resentment towards whomever stole his or her spouse away. Such feelings may even prompt him or her to seek legal action

How can bankruptcy before divorce help me?

If you are like many married people in Indiana who have experienced significant monetary woes, you may have also learned how much stress this reality can put on your marriage. It is a known fact that financial challenges have contributed to the end of many marriages over the years. If your money problems are severe enough, you might even be thinking about filing for bankruptcy. Before you try to rush through your divorce so you can file bankruptcy, you should think about the reverse.

Why a QDRO matters in a divorce

If you are getting divorced in Indiana and believe that you will need to split your 401K account or other employer-sponsored retirement fund with your spouse, you will want to learn about the qualified domestic relations order.

Modifying your child support obligation

Like most dads in Indianapolis, you want what is best for your kids no matter your familial circumstances. That is why you likely were quick to agree to the child support obligation handed down during your divorce proceedings. The ramifactions that come with this obligation can be great (both legally and to your children). That is why so many divorced dads come to us here at Schembs Law after having lost their jobs or seen their income reduced concerned about what might happen if they are unable to make their child support payments. 

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