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Indiana fathers can modify custody arrangement after divorce

by | Jul 29, 2018 | Uncategorized

People react differently to the process of divorce. Some people become angry and aggressive, fighting with their exes at every step. Other people become depressed and even passive, despite typically being assertive people.

If you did not anticipate your spouse filing for divorce, the shock and sadness may have resulted in less than optimal decision making. Sometimes people fall into a slump where they lose jobs or end up drinking more than they should during a divorce. Other times, people simply agree to any terms proposed by their spouse in the hope of speeding things up.

It is only weeks or months later that you realize you are unhappy with the terms of your divorce. Thankfully, the terms of your divorce, especially those that relate to child custody, are not set in stone. You can potentially ask the court to modify the custody order.

Your children will benefit from a healthy relationship with you

If you had emotional issues during the divorce or simply didn’t push for terms that work for you, you may find yourself relegated to visitation only with your children. Instead of fully sharing custody with your ex, you only get to see your kids for a few hours a week.

That situation is not positive for the kids, and it probably hurts you, too. However, if you have started to recover from the depression or substance abuse that followed your divorce, you may have a case for modification of custody.

Indiana state law recognizes that parenting and family situations change. Someone who had issues several months ago could now be a much more fit parent. If there has been a substantial change in your situation, you have the right to seek a modification of your custody agreement. The courts will review your request and make a decision that focuses on the best interests of your children.

Modifications can mean more time with your kids and less child support

The biggest potential benefit of modifying your child custody agreement is the ability to spend more time with your children. Overnight stays or even fully shared 50/50 custody may be the outcome. As a secondary benefit, when you secure more parenting time, is that is may also impact your child support obligations. The more time you parent your children, the less support is generally required.

Typically, the courts will review custody and support issues simultaneously. However, you can always request a modification of child support after securing an improved custody arrangement.

Make sure to document the efforts you have made to improve your own health or parenting skills. Do your best to remain positive and focus on the children as you pursue a modification to your custody arrangement. While it may take some time, the outcome will benefit you and the kids in the long run.

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