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Determined, Knowledgeable Counsel

At Schembs Law, our attorney, Robert Schembs, brings decades of trial experience to both criminal and family law cases. While family law cases don’t go before a jury in Indiana, Robert Schembs‘ extensive experience as a trial lawyer means he prepares each case with the meticulousness and focus required when preparing a case that will go to trial.

Robert Schembs graduated with honors from Purdue University and earned his law degree at Indiana University. Before starting his own firm, he worked for both the Indiana Legislative Services Agency (LSA) and what is now known as the Department of Child Services (DCS). This experience gave him intimate knowledge of Indiana’s laws, as well as an informed appreciation of the needs of children who are caught in the middle of family disputes and difficulties. He has also worked as deputy prosecutor for Marion County, where he gained a wealth of experience on all types of cases, including those involving white collar crimes, drug crimes and domestic violence.

Our firm has a keen appreciation of the emotional difficulty involved with many family law and criminal law cases. If you’re facing criminal charges or a divorce, you likely don’t need more yelling in your life. Our style isn’t loud and aggressive. We are reasonable but firm, becoming increasingly assertive if necessary when the other side won’t budge. Our concern is the well-being of our clients, and we do everything in our power to help ensure the most positive outcome possible.

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Find Out Where You Stand

Uncertainty can be a major source of anxiety. You can relieve some of that anxiety by talking to an experienced lawyer about the issues you face. An initial consultation will help you get perspective about your case before proceeding. To schedule an appointment in our Indianapolis office, call 317-643-6266 or contact us online for more information.

Practicing Law With Rural Values And Big City Experience

Bob Schembs grew up on a farm in northern Indiana. His parents and their parents were all farmers, going back a hundred years to Germany and Holland. The values of honesty, hard work, family, and giving the best effort possible were a way of life then, and still are the standards today at Schembs Law.

Law was always Bob’s main interest, but early years in 4-H and FFA produced a love of exhibiting livestock that continues today, although he now raises sheep instead of pigs.

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