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Protecting Your Children And Your Rights

Anyone can pick up the phone and report to the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) that they suspect you of child abuse or neglect. Even if you know the charges to be false, you still face serious consequences, including child removal, and need to defend yourself.

If possible, it’s important to contact a lawyer before your initial DCS meeting.

Why Is This Happening?

Teachers, coaches and other professionals are required to report to Child Protective Services (CPS) if they have reason to believe that your child acted in a way that might signal abuse at home. While reporting on a suspicion is required for some, this doesn’t mean that every accusation of abuse or neglect is accurate. But once the call is made, an investigation begins, and now it’s your problem. You need a lawyer to help you through this tenuous situation that could seriously impact your relationship with your children. Sometimes it’s the children themselves who make the call. Whether they are acting out of anger or have a serious concern, you need to take action to defend yourself. If possible, it’s best that you consult with a lawyer before your initial meeting with DCS.

Allegations of abuse in the context of a divorce or child custody battle should be examined particularly closely. Spouses sometimes make accusations of child abuse as a way to win the upper hand in custody battles. Without proper representation, you risk losing time with your children or losing the ability to see them at all.

Contact A Strong Defender

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