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Going Your Separate Ways

Whether you’re just contemplating a divorce or have started down that often difficult road, you need astute legal advice to guide you to the best possible resolution. Emotions can run high in family conflicts, and to avoid making rash decisions you may regret later, you need a lawyer who can help you make smart choices for the long term. If you have children, it is particularly important to start the process with an experienced attorney who understands the challenges you face and can protect their well-being above all else.

To Fight Or To Negotiate?

If you and your spouse agree on most elements of your divorce, including child support and child custody, asset division and spousal support, we can help you create a legal agreement in an uncontested divorce. This approach can save you time, money and emotional strain, but it depends on both parties agreeing to participate in the process. If you and your spouse, on the other hand, are not communicating well or are consistently at odds about certain issues, we can provide the tough and determined representation you need to go through the more traditional and confrontational contested divorce process.

About The Money

Getting a divorce often involves changing your relationship with money. When couples split, it’s not just a relationship that ends, but also a financial partnership. Material assets like a house, cars and furniture need to be divided. In some circumstances, the former spouses’ earning potential may be lopsided after a divorce, and spousal support payments may be necessary for a period of time. For example, when one spouse worked and the other stayed at home to care for their children or put the other through school, a judge may order spousal support payments. Retirement assets, stocks and other investments, as well as debts, need to be sorted, valued and divided as part of the divorce process. Depending on your resources as a couple, this process can become complicated. At Schembs Law, we have the experience and resourcefulness to navigate this process as smoothly as possible, protecting your interests for your next chapter of life.

In Indiana, a judge will weigh elements of spousal support and asset division to come to a decision that is fair. Fair, however, doesn’t equal 50/50. Rulings can vary depending on the judge, even for couples whose circumstances are similar.

Don’t Walk Through The Fire Alone

Divorce can be emotionally wrenching. Making important decisions while in a compromised state of mind can lead to missteps that could cost you down the line. Schedule your initial consultation today with our Indianapolis firm to get a better idea of what’s ahead and how we can help. Call 317-643-6266 or reach out online to schedule your appointment.