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Prenuptial agreements and its role in your marriage

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Divorce

Couples in Indiana who are either newly married or are on the path to joining newlyweds may be wondering whether or not prenuptial agreements are worth looking into. They can be a divisive topic with opinions ranging from “must have” to “absolutely avoid”. Regardless, they do have the potential to play an important role in marriages.

The Business Insider starts off strong by saying that every couple should consider prenuptials before marriage. They tout it as a good way to understand one’s partner better and find any possible dealbreakers before the marriage itself. They also reassure that while prenuptial agreements are binding, they can in fact be modified after a divorce with a postnuptial, just in case concerns about the finality of prenups exist. Generally speaking, since prenuptials are designed to help a couple split up shared assets, properties and debts, it is considered a vital step in saving splitting couples a headache during the divorce period.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post reported on a segment done by Fox & Friends stating that prenuptial agreements should be reserved for couples with large financial imbalances and otherwise be avoided. Some people believe that prenuptials can set a baseline for distrust and can plant a seed that might lead to divorce. However, others like Huffington Post argue that it actually helps couples to build a strong, healthy and honest communication system by opening both parties up to discussion on difficult matters.

Regardless, prenuptial agreements do have a role to play in marriage if a couple decides that it is right for them. It can create a financial safety net and has the potential to create peace of mind in both parties.

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