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Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents can win visitation rights

Parents receiving sole visitation rights is a generally understood outcome in divorce cases. Many people overlook the potential rights of extended family members, though. If a family court deems it beneficial for the children that their grandparents have visitation...

Grandparents may have visitation rights

A lot of grandparents will tell parents all too gleefully that it is way more fun to be a grandparent than a parent. They get to pack children with sweets and take them on fun trips while putting less into discipline and all the drags of parenthood. But there are...

Support for grandparents raising grandkids

For many adults in Indiana, they can look back on their lives with fond memories of at least one grandparent who played a special part in their life and development. The love that a grandmother or grandfather has for their grandchildren is special and the bond created...