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Communication can help simplify a divorce

Weddings can be one of the most expensive and stressful events in a person's life. This can be especially true if the marriage leads to a divorce, which is often expensive and stressful in its own right. But that is not necessarily how it has to go. A lot depends on...

New approaches to family law reduce competition

Why is marriage such an enduring human institution? Beyond the simple need to continue the species, married people create a bond throughout their lives that is nothing like other relationships we end up having. Even family is not the same because we get to choose our...

Increasing your chances of gaining custody as a father

If you have found yourself in a custody battle after becoming separated from your partner, you may be doubtful about whether you will be successful in gaining custody going forward. As a father, you may be feeling particularly insecure, because you may have been led...

How does divorce work in Indiana?

There was a time in Indiana and most other states where divorce was nearly unheard of and was only conducted with special dispensation. Now, however, the end of a marriage is more common and more laws deal with the various issues connected to it. Fortunately, anyone...