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Month: August 2017

Dual-licensing: a new approach to adoption

When it comes to child adoption in America, each state contains different guidelines and agencies. Regardless of state, however, adoptions may be either domestic or from other countries. Similar to many states, Indiana encourages those interested in qualifying for...

Modifying your child support obligation

Like most dads in Indianapolis, you want what is best for your kids no matter your familial circumstances. That is why you likely were quick to agree to the child support obligation handed down during your divorce proceedings. The ramifactions that come with this...

Ex parte orders explained

As a single or divorced father in Indianapolis, your nightmare scenario may be having your custody or visitation agreement modified or terminated without notice. While some may tell you that this is impossible, many of the clients that we here at Schembs Law has...

Father’s rights in Indiana

Whether stemming from divorces or unwed situations, child custody can be complex and difficult to determine. Indiana's child custody laws rely on a number of factors, and the court may give parents physical custody or legal custody.Indiana also holds divides custody...