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Month: October 2018

Sometimes, Indiana grandparents must step up and adopt grandkids

In many ways, modern families often seem more complicated than traditional nuclear families. Couples don't feel compelled to marry just because they want to have children or buy a house anymore. With both parents working, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or even older...

The importance of dads in kids’ well-being

Society today seems to be growing in its understanding of the importance of fathers in their children's lives. No longer are moms seen as the only important parent for kids. Yet, there are still some gaps when it comes to understanding exactly how and why dads may...

Generational discrepancy in divorce rates

For years now, many people in Indiana have heard reports bemoaning the ongoing rise in the nation's divorce rate. Many have pointed to this trend as some sort of evidence of a breakdown in traditional societal values. Others have considered it a reflection of the...