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May 2017 Archives

In what situations do the grandparents get custody?

Grandparents in Indiana like you and your spouse may be stuck in a situation that has left you wondering whether or not it would be possible for you to gain legal custody of your grandchild. While this task can certainly be more difficult than parents fighting for custody, that doesn't mean you have no chance at all of gaining custodial rights.

How is parenting time decided if I do not live near my ex?

If you are a father living in Indianapolis and do not have primary custody, spending time with your child is probably extremely important to you. When you and your child’s other parent do not live in close proximity, arranging parenting time can be complicated. While it is always best for two parents to agree amicably on a schedule, sometimes the court does get involved. Here is what you need to know about the guidelines the court uses to determine parenting time in this situation.

Keeping in touch with grandchildren after an adoption

After having developed a strong relationship with your grandchildren in Indiana, you would likely be willing to do whatever you could to keep that relationship going even if something were to happen affecting your adult child's parental status. Oftentimes, grandparents come to us here at Schemb's Law after the state has taken custody of their grandchildren and approved their adoption by another family wondering if they can retain the right to keep in contact with them. 

What methods of DNA testing for paternity are available?

There are many reasons men in Indianapolis wish to find out whether or not they are the father of a child. In order to do so, you will need to undergo some form of DNA testing in order to ascertain whether you are a child’s biological parent. Here is what you need to know about the different types of tests that are available.

Examining custodial rights for unmarried fathers

Most may assume the matter of child custody in Indianapolis to be fairly cut-and-dry: when parents separate, both the father and the mother have equal custodial rights. Yet what if you are not married to your child’s mother? Many men come to us here at Schembs Law after having separated from their children’s mothers wondering what sort of custody rights they may have. The answer is often not an easy one. There are, however, methods through which you may be granted such a benefit.

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