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Month: July 2018

Apps may aid co-parenting

If you are getting divorced from your spouse in Indiana and you have young children together, you are no doubt wondering how in the world you will be able to work together to raise your kids when you could not find a way to stay married. Certainly, coparenting can be...

Cars collide in custody dispute

Feuding couples looking to get a divorce in Indianapolis may think that such an action effectively ends their associations with each other. However, that may rarely be the case. If a couple has children together, then they may have to continue to work together to sort...

Modifying a child support obligation in Indiana

Most divorcees in Indianapolis likely have no issue paying child support. Their love for their kids (along with their desire to ensure that the kids have all that they need) often prompts such parents to want to continue to support them. However, as time passes, one's...

What is the fathers’ rights movement?

Gone are the days when divorcing fathers in Indiana and elsewhere could automatically expect courts to award full custody of children to their mother. As the fathers’ rights movement of the past several decades has become more and more visible, it has also...