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January 2020 Archives

Some of the best strategies successful co-parents have used

One challenge that co-parents in Indiana experience is having difficulty communicating with each other. It can be tempting to use children as messengers. However, successfully co-parenting involves communicating directly as adults in a respectful manner. This ensures that messages are relayed correctly and that the children never feel hurt by a negative reaction to a message that was relayed.

Divorce survey reports regrets over lack of financial knowledge

Indiana couples who are planning on getting married might want to consider getting a prenuptial agreement. A prenup can help protect people financially in case of divorce, and in the course of creating one, couples must communicate about money. It is important for both people in a marriage to be knowledgeable about their financial situation. According to a survey by Fidelity Investments, people who took the longest time to recover financially from a divorce were those who were not involved in the family finances.

Understanding the risks of an informal parenting agreement 

When two unmarried parents choose to part ways, it is tempting to make an informal parenting agreement instead of going through a court to create an official custody agreement and parenting plan. Most parents who pursue this path part ways on relatively good terms and want the best for their child. Others may simply want to avoid legal costs and believe that an informal agreement works for them at the time, or some combination of the two.

Mistakes to avoid when raising teenagers

Raising a teenager after a divorce can be challenging for parents in Indiana and throughout the country. However, there are strategies that divorced parents may use to make their jobs easier. For instance, parents should communicate with each other about what their sons or daughters are doing. While teenagers may be more mature and open about their needs, this isn't always true. Therefore, good communication can make it easier to spot and work on problems a teen may be having.

How to use a calendar in a divorce case

Indiana parents who are going through a divorce may want to consider using a calendar from the past year to help them reconstruct child-related expenses as well as what the child's schedule was like and how much time they each spent with the child. This can be valuable information, particularly since it can be difficult to remember these details during the stress of a divorce. A calendar can also be useful in determining lifestyle during the marriage, which is helpful for spousal support purposes.

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