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Mistakes to avoid when raising teenagers

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Custody & Visitation

Raising a teenager after a divorce can be challenging for parents in Indiana and throughout the country. However, there are strategies that divorced parents may use to make their jobs easier. For instance, parents should communicate with each other about what their sons or daughters are doing. While teenagers may be more mature and open about their needs, this isn’t always true. Therefore, good communication can make it easier to spot and work on problems a teen may be having.

Parents should refrain from using their teenagers as messengers. This makes it harder to communicate effectively, and it can also give a teen a sense of power that he or she may not be entitled to. As a child gets older, he or she might start working or start to prioritize spending time with friends. It is important that a parenting plan take these and other issues into account.

Mothers and fathers should do their best to provide a stable home life for their teens. This can make it easier for them to take steps to learn more about themselves in a safe and controlled manner. Those who grow up in unpredictable environments may make risky choices or learn bad habits such as manipulating people to get their way.

Ideally, parents will focus on the best interests of their children when creating a parenting plan regardless of how old their sons or daughters are. Generally, children do best when they are allowed to have a relationship with both parents, and they tend to do better when they are subject to consistent rules and boundaries. An attorney may be able to help an individual create a plan that allows for maximum parenting time or take other steps to preserve his or her rights.

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