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September 2017 Archives

Why a QDRO matters in a divorce

If you are getting divorced in Indiana and believe that you will need to split your 401K account or other employer-sponsored retirement fund with your spouse, you will want to learn about the qualified domestic relations order.

Reviewing Indiana's holiday custody schedule

With the onset of fall in Indianapolis comes the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. However, many may not look forward to this time of year as others do (particularly divorced dads). Holidays are a time to be spent with family, and when one does not have consistent access to his kids during this season, feelings of isolation are often a constant companion. Indeed, according to information shared by Psychology Today, Christmas and its neighboring holidays produce the highest incidence rates of depression.

The opioid crisis and grandparent adoption

The opioid crisis that has gripped the nation in recent years has inevitably also taken Indiana by storm. Although more crucially affected areas are the states of West Virginia and Ohio, Indiana is home to thousands of children who are forced to reassess their definitions of home itself -- all because of the opioid addictions and prescription drug-related deaths of their parents. In such situations, grandparents often come to the rescue. 

Making co-parenting work during the busy school year

Setting terms for child custody and visitation can be one of the most complicated and emotional aspects of a divorce. You and your spouse both know you'll be better off separated, but it can be difficult to figure out how to share time and custody of your children. The time constraints of the school year can place additional strain on your co-parenting arrangements.

The details of fathers' rights

In addition to the stress that divorce procedures often induce, deciding parental rights can be an incredibly challenging ordeal. There are many cases in which fathers do not gain adequate or fair rights to their children. Similar to other states in America, Indiana prioritizes the best interests of children involved in divorce, and fathers may choose to move forward through legal processes in order to gain partial or full custody of their children. 

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  • My husband and I have a 12 year old grandson whose academics and social needs were being neglected. We turned to Schembs Law & Associates to help preserve our grandsons rights. With Schembs & Associates leadership and guidanceā€¦ Grandparent Rights
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