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January 2017 Archives

Parent alienation in divorce

As couples in Indiana are working through a divorce, each must exercise caution when talking to the children about the other parent. According to the Huffington Post, many divorcing parents use their children to harm the other spouse. They allow their marital disappointments to spill over into the realm of parenting, and therefore attempt to separate the children completely from the other parent. Many times the target of this degradation is the father. This situation sometimes occurs even if he had a healthy and thriving relationship with the children before the divorce. In some cases, the children begin to think they have developed a negative opinion of the targeted parent without any outside influence, and they in turn reject that parent. The children mistreat the parent, and sometimes feel no remorse for doing so, because they have been so thoroughly convinced that he is not worthy of their respect or love.

This divorced couple started a company to help other co-parents

Wanda Bass, a nurse, and Ken Bass, an electronics technician and UPS supervisor, were divorced in 2002. They have two sons, who are now 15 and 22. Today, those sons are well-adjusted and proud of their parents, but it wasn't always that way.

Don't fear court bias - fathers have equal parental rights

Many fathers feel like their fate is already decided before they step foot into court. Years ago when men wanted primary or even equal custody of their children they would get shot down once they got before a judge. While this used to be true, American culture is changing. Mothers are making up a growing share of the workforce while dads are taking a growing share of parenting time.

Filing for divorce? Don't forget to change your beneficiaries

Divorce can be complicated, even though it's worth it. If you're a typical Indiana couple with a house, kids and shared finances, there is a lot to consider -- arranging parenting time, deciding what to do with the house, divvying up the debts and the retirement savings.

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