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November 2018 Archives

Shooting the result of a child custody dispute

To say that child custody disputes in Indianapolis can become contentious may be a gross understatement. Oftentimes, the love that divorcing parents have for their children may be matched only by the negative emotions they feel towards each other. The hope is that feuding parents realize that their association will continue due to them having children together, and that such a realization may prompt them to act amicably towards each other. However, the outpouring of emotion that often accompanies child custody disputes may make that next to impossible. What is most unfortunate about such cases is that it is often the children involved that are hurt the most. 

Tax changes for alimony to begin soon

For many couples in Indiana who get divorced, one person may end up paying spousal support to the other one for some period of time. Despite many social changes in the United States, the person ordered to pay alimony is most frequently the husband as he is often the spouse who earns the higher income in the marriage. When ordered to pay alimony, a man has historically been able to deduct the payments from his federal income tax return. This has to some degree helped to make it easier for men to accept making these payments.

A modification can help you spend more time with your kids

Many fathers, both those who have divorced their spouse and those who never marry the mother of their children, make the mistake of believing that child custody terms are final and permanent. In reality, family situations change quickly, and the courts are flexible because they understand that fact. When your situation changes, the appropriate allocation of parental responsibilities and rights may also change.

Why are more dads receiving custody of kids?

Whether you are a single father or are currently going through the divorce process, you may feel overwhelmed and emotional when dealing with the separation. Going through a divorce involving children can be complicated, especially when it comes to determining who will receive custody of the children. Traditionally, mothers have been awarded full or primary custody of the children in a divorce, as they are often the primary caretakers of the kids. Changing dynamics in the workplace and evolving parental roles, however, have also changed the way judges award child custody.

Can you help your grandchildren despite your child's divorce

When divorce is brought up, your immediate thoughts may turn to the separating couple and their children and all of the challenges they face in their changing future. However, divorce can have a genuine effect on you as a grandparent, as well as the relationship you are able to maintain with each of your grandchildren in Indiana. 

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