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Month: February 2019

Asking the courts to ensure you can visit with your grandkids

The bond between grandparent and grandchild is a beautiful and special thing. It is often as deep and meaningful as the bond between parents and children, but the generational separation often lends itself to special attachments. Seeing one another frequently can help...

401k division during divorce

Those who are the primary income earners in their homes likely go into divorce proceedings in Indianapolis understanding that they are going to have to relinquish full ownership of their marital assets. Few initially understand, however, that a 401k retirement account...

Post-divorce dating and your kids

For many people in Indiana who have gotten divorced, there comes a time when they begin to consider getting back into the dating scene. This may happen via a conscious effort, such as signing up with an online dating site, or by happenstance, if a person unexpectedly...