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February 2019 Archives

For grandparents raising grandkids, government help is on the way

While raising a grandchild in Indiana can be a rewarding experience, we at the law office of Robert Schembs understand that it is not always easy. In the first place, the reason it is necessary for you to raise your grandkids is probably that some sort of trauma has struck your family. You may have lost your child due to death or incarceration, or the judge may have deemed both parents unfit due to abuse or other issues.

Some spouses may make false accusations of abuse

Domestic violence is a serious problem that affects countless families in Indiana and elsewhere. However, at the law office of Robert Schembs, we know that not all who are accused of domestic violence are abusive. In fact, some people make false accusations against innocent spouses. As you might expect, this can be devastating to the person being accused, and it also undermines and minimizes cases of real abuse.

401k division during divorce

Those who are the primary income earners in their homes likely go into divorce proceedings in Indianapolis understanding that they are going to have to relinquish full ownership of their marital assets. Few initially understand, however, that a 401k retirement account sponsored through their employers is included in such assets. As such accounts are funded from their income, the contributions made to them when people are married are considered marital property. Yet given the tax implications inherit with retirement accounts, one might wonder a 401k is divided up between parties during a divorce. 

Post-divorce dating and your kids

For many people in Indiana who have gotten divorced, there comes a time when they begin to consider getting back into the dating scene. This may happen via a conscious effort, such as signing up with an online dating site, or by happenstance, if a person unexpectedly meets someone they become romantically interested in. Either way, for people with kids still at home, this situation raises many questions about what, when and how to initiate any potential new mate to one's children.

Act quickly to establish your children's paternity

Fathers in Indiana have parental rights in regard to their biological children. This is true regardless of whether or not you are married to your children's mother. However, we at Robert Schembs know that the law makes different assumptions as to the paternity of children born out of wedlock than of those born within it. If you and the mother of your children have never married, you must take legal steps to establish paternity of your children in order to protect your parental rights in the event of a split between you and your significant other. It is best to do this as soon as possible after the child's birth to avoid future difficulties in family court. 

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  • My husband and I have a 12 year old grandson whose academics and social needs were being neglected. We turned to Schembs Law & Associates to help preserve our grandsons rights. With Schembs & Associates leadership and guidanceā€¦ Grandparent Rights
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