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February 2020 Archives

How parents can help their kids to get through a divorce

Indiana parents who decide to divorce often worry about how their children will be affected by the separation. While divorce takes an emotional toll on both spouses, it can also cause long-lasting emotional scars for the kids involved. However, the way that parents deal with the decision to split up can have a significant effect on how the children handle the situation. There are several ways parents can provide extra support to their children during and after the divorce process.

Structuring a post-divorce parenting plan

When Indiana couples decide to end their marriage, it can be an emotional process. It can be even harder when they have young children, and unless one of the parents has a history of domestic violence or substance abuse, most family law judges will award both parents liberal access to their offspring, following the "best interests of the child" maxim.

Unmarried fathers can play a major role in the life of their kid

Custody isn't just an issue for married parents going through a divorce. It can also be a significant issue in cases where the parents of a child never married. Some men mistakenly think that if they didn't marry the mother of their child that they don't have the right to seek custody or visitation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The main reasons women file for divorce

Popular culture often portrays women as the victims of divorce, left by their philandering husbands after decades of faithful partnership. The truth, it turns out, is a much different picture. In the vast majority of cases, it is the wife who initiates a divorce. Most women in Indiana and across the country file for divorce for reasons that fit into these broad categories.

Prenuptial agreements and when to insist on having one

A common source for squabbles and outright disputes in Indiana family law centers around the prospect of prenuptial agreements. The person asked to sign such an agreement is often offended at the implication that the marriage will not work out or that he or she is looking to receive the other person's assets. From the perspective of the spouse who wants the document, it is designed to protect them in case the marriage fails.

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