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How parents can help their kids to get through a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | Divorce

Indiana parents who decide to divorce often worry about how their children will be affected by the separation. While divorce takes an emotional toll on both spouses, it can also cause long-lasting emotional scars for the kids involved. However, the way that parents deal with the decision to split up can have a significant effect on how the children handle the situation. There are several ways parents can provide extra support to their children during and after the divorce process.

Some children might feel that they are to blame for their parents’ divorce, especially if they overheard arguments about parenting and related issues. Parents can help to dispel these concerns by reassuring the children that the divorce had nothing to do with them. Absent a context of abuse or neglect, it’s important for the children to spend time with both of their parents. Exes can aid this atmosphere by providing a safe space for children to express their frustration with the divorce. This may include letting the children vent to them as well as scheduling appointments with a counselor or therapist.

Kids should not take sides in the divorce, and parents should not encourage them to do so. The divorce is an adult matter, and the children should feel comfortable expressing their love for both parents. It’s better for parents to choose age-appropriate friends or professional support to express their emotions rather than engaging their children in divorce issues.

When parents are thoughtful in moving through the divorce process, they may protect their children and avoid negative effects. A family law attorney could help a divorcing parent to reach an agreement on child custody and parenting time.

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