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December 2018 Archives

Estate planning needs during a divorce

When getting divorced, many Indiana residents get so focused on the mechanics of the divorce process and the obvious everyday life changes that must be tended to that they can easily overlook some of the other things that require their attention. According to Fidelity Investments, a divorce is one of the many life changes that necessitates an update to a person's estate plan. 

The danger in becoming a Disneyland Dad

Many fathers in Indianapolis may feel picked on during divorce proceedings. That may be due to the perception that the processes generally favors mothers. According to the law, no preference is supposed to be given during divorce proceedings (particularly when coming up with a custody arrangement) on the basis of sex. Yet statistics show that this standard may appear to be more of an ideal than an actual practice. Indeed, information shared by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that as of 2013, only 17.5 percent of custodial parents were fathers. 

Financial realities of a gray divorce

Some people in Indiana might have heard references to a trend called "gray divorce". This term pertains to a divorce that happens when the spouses are over the age of 50. While property division settlements may result in the loss of assets for spouses regardless of their ages, the financial hit taken by a person over 50 has the ability to be more damaging than the hit taken by a person in their 30s. 

Preparing your child to move during your divorce

One of the consequences of your impending divorce in Indiana is that you and your child need to move. While you are excited at the prospect of starting over and removing yourself from a situation that has caused stress and anguish, it can be unsettling to face the thought of uprooting your child and helping he or she thrive in a new place. At Schembs Law, we have helped many families as they transition through the painful process of divorce. 

Divorced parenting at the holidays

It can seem that once Halloween has come and gone, the rest of the calendar year flies by in the blink of an eye. Divorced or separated parents in Indiana might feel this even more than parents who are married because they are forced to squeeze in special holiday time and events with their kids in a fraction of the amount of time they had when they were married to the other parent. Despite this challenge, it is possible to create joy for all at this time of year with a little proactivity and consciousness.

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