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Preparing your child to move during your divorce

by | Dec 8, 2018 | Custody & Visitation

One of the consequences of your impending divorce in Indiana is that you and your child need to move. While you are excited at the prospect of starting over and removing yourself from a situation that has caused stress and anguish, it can be unsettling to face the thought of uprooting your child and helping he or she thrive in a new place. At Schembs Law, we have helped many families as they transition through the painful process of divorce. 

Your child will most likely have hesitations about moving and having to leave his or her friends, favorite places for entertainment and school. There may be apprehension about having to make new friends, as well as concerns about whether or not the new home will be in a location that appeals to him or her. According to, you may consider taking your child on a brief trip to visit your new home. Explore the town together and try a new restaurant together. Visit the new school that he or she will be attending and make a list of places you want to visit together. Some of the other things you can do include the following:

  • Be enthusiastic about the upcoming move and tell your child what you are most excited about. 
  • If your child has close friends in your current area, make arrangements to help he or she maintain those friendships. 
  • Find ways to become involved in your new community and seek opportunities for your child to find and make new friends. 
  • When your child talks about his or her concerns, listen intently and address each one with compassion and an open mind. 

When you are prepared to make your move an exciting and promising new adventure, your child may be better able to transition with ease. For more information about getting a divorce, visit our web page.  

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