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May 2019 Archives

The many benefits of paternity leave

Any man in Indiana who has become a father knows how dramatically this event changes their lives. The world is simply never the same again once a person moves into the role of parent. To think that society for so long tried to keep fathers out of the parenting role to a large degree is a shame but that is changing. Whether married to a child's mother or not, taking paternity leave when a new baby arrives is important for dads and their new loves.

Understanding when grandparents can vie for custody

In Indiana, there are laws used to determine matters of child custody and visitation rights for grandparents. In many cases, these laws can be more intricate and confusing than a person may be expecting, and it can actually be quite hard for a grandparent to gain custody in the end. However, it isn't impossible.

Facts about grandfamilies in Indiana

If you are a grandparent in Indiana who either has custody of your grandchildren or who is seeking how to get custody of your grandchildren, it can be helpful for you to know that you are not alone. Certainly, most people do not assume that they will need to raise their grandchildren but there can be many situations that necessitate this. These include the premature death of a parent, substance abuse, mental illness and more. Regardless of the reason, grandparents can and often do step in to provide the stability and support children need.

Do grandparents' visitation rights change after adoption?

If you are a grandparent seeking the legal right to visit your grandchildren, you likely know that Indiana grants you the option to petition for visitation. There are several different factors that may affect a court's ruling on your petition. For example, if you are a paternal grandparent to a child born out of wedlock, a court usually cannot grant you visitation rights without your son establishing paternity of the child. If a court grants you visitation rights, there may be changes to your situation if someone adopts the child.

Overcoming challenges associated with raising a grandchild

Increasingly, grandparents across Indiana and many other states are finding themselves spending their “golden years” raising their own grandchildren, and if you are among them, you may understand all too well that doing so has its challenges. Maybe you are raising your grandchild because his or her parents have passed away and can longer do so, or perhaps you are looking to assume the responsibility because your grandchild’s parents are in jail, on drugs or what have you. Regardless of your reasoning for raising your grandchildren, Attorney Robert Schembs recognizes that there are certain challenges that often accompany the process, and he has helped many people in similar situations overcome these challenges and otherwise navigate complicated custody or visitation issues.

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  • My husband and I have a 12 year old grandson whose academics and social needs were being neglected. We turned to Schembs Law & Associates to help preserve our grandsons rights. With Schembs & Associates leadership and guidance… Grandparent Rights
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