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Month: January 2019

Understand the impact of a gray divorce

People don't often discuss the realities of gray divorces, which are divorces that take place between spouses over the age of 50. In many cases, people involved in these divorces are parents, grandparents or even great grandparents. The end of this relationship can...

Historic divorce trends in America

Most people in Indiana probably know at least one couple or one person that has gotten divorced. No longer an uncommon or even a taboo experience, divorce is still something that most people would say they would rather avoid. It is also something that many people hold...

Dispelling common myths about alimony

Many in Indianapolis may have a number of misconceptions about alimony (or, as Indiana state law calls it, "spousal maintenance"), chief among them being the ideas that alimony is automatically awarded in any divorce case, and that it is always awarded to the wife....