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June 2018 Archives

Is spoiling your grandkids undermining their parents' authority?

Many in Indianapolis often joke that privilege of spoiling your grandkids is your reward for not killing their parents when they were the same age. If you are like most grandparents, you likely revel in getting to participate in all of the fun things your kids do while avoiding all of the difficult parenting moments. Part of that fun includes spoiling them with treats, toys or whatever else they want or you think they might love. Your willingness to do so is certainly understandable; after all, according to the American Association of Retired Persons, Baby Boomers have the highest median household income of any U.S. demographic. Yet is spooling your grandkids undermining their parents' authority? 

2 warning signs that divorce is near

You and your spouse have been through thick and thin together. You might have the kind of history that makes you feel like your marriage will survive anything. However, even the strongest marriages can fail, and sometimes the reasons for those failure are not entirely clear.

Modifying your custody schedule

The hardest part of being a divorced dad in Indianapolis is the limited access you may have to your kids. From many on the outside looking in, your decision to get a divorce reflects an change in your attitude towards your entire family. What they do not understand is that while your feelings towards your children's mother may have changes, your love for them has not. Thus, you continually remain as protective of as you were prior to your divorce. That sense of duty to protect has prompted may to come to us here at Schembs Law question whether they can modify their custody or visitation agreements. If you have similar concerns about your kids, you'll be happy to learn that you can. 

When should you consider mediation?

Many in Indianapolis view the decision to get a divorce as one that brings with it closure. In reality, what it really signals is the beginning of a process that can be among the most difficult both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have ever been called upon to endure. Divorce proceedings can become heated and confrontational, and in many cases, even be drawn out over several months to even years before a resolution is reached. To combat this potential, you may be advised to consider mediation? Yet is that always the best solution? 

What is paternity fraud?

Most Indiana parents might agree that a father's bond with his children is often the most joyous aspect of life. Through all of the ups and downs of childrearing, the memories made together over the years are priceless. When a father discovers that his child is not biologically his own, an entire world can seem to come crashing down. What, exactly, is paternity fraud, and how do fathers generally handle and address such devastating news?

How should you handle your summer custody schedule?

As summer arrives in Indianapolis, so too does the desire of parents to want to take advantage of the school summer break to go on vacation with their kids. Planning an extended vacation was no doubt much easier when you were still married, yet the fact that you are now divorced does not deprive you of the right to get away (with your kids in tow). The question is how do you make a vacation fit into your current custody schedule

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