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When should you consider mediation?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Divorce

Many in Indianapolis view the decision to get a divorce as one that brings with it closure. In reality, what it really signals is the beginning of a process that can be among the most difficult both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have ever been called upon to endure. Divorce proceedings can become heated and confrontational, and in many cases, even be drawn out over several months to even years before a resolution is reached. To combat this potential, you may be advised to consider mediation? Yet is that always the best solution?

If saving time and money are your two primary concerns, then yes, mediation may be your best option. The many different parties and moving parts involved in traditional divorce proceedings can automatically make them take longer than mediation. The required formalities of courtroom proceedings may also contribute to it taking longer to have your divorce case resolved. You also are somewhat at the mercy of the court’s schedule.

This extended time can also cause your costs to go up. In mediation, however, you are typically able to resolve issues in just a few sessions. This is one of the principle reasons why the American Bar Association reports that mediation costs, on average, 40-60 percent less than a standard divorce.

There may be times, however, where certain factors prompt you to pump the brakes on rushing through your divorce. As history of domestic abuse in your relationship is one such factor. The formal atmosphere (as well as increased security) of a courtroom might make for a safer venue than a conference room. The aforementioned advice is not meant to be a substitute for legal counsel, but rather information to be considered when mapping out your strategy.

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