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Month: August 2019

Protecting parenting and custody rights during a separation

When most people talk about fighting over child custody, they are referring to the custody battle parents encounter as they go through a divorce process. However, custody concerns can arise well before divorce, or between parents who never marry.Often, parents who...

Is divorce bad for my long-term health?

For many people in Indiana who make the choice to leave a marriage, there may be an initial feeling of relief that they no longer have to endure the stress of living in an unhappy relationship. However, that feeling can quickly be overtaken by the stress of managing a...

Back to school and coparenting

If your kids are like most, they may be sad to know that the summer break from school is ending. However, if you are like most parents in Indiana, you likely realize that your kids are probably ready for a return to some more structured days. There can be advantages...