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March 2017 Archives

When children move in with grandparents

One of the things that courts in Indiana consider when weighing custody issues is the best interests of the child. If there are circumstances affecting the child’s safety when with the parents, or other statutory conditions are present, a grandparent may be given custody. While determining whether this is in the child’s best interests, the American Grandparents Association points out that the judge will typically examine factors that include the following:

What are some good financial tips for divorced dads?

While divorce is rarely easy, it can be particularly rough on Indiana fathers. This is especially true when it comes to those financial issues common to divorce, which will only compound what is most likely an already unpleasant situation. There are steps you can take however to ensure the financial aspects of your divorce are capably addressed, which is essential to the healing process.

6 points fathers must consider about co-parenting

Co-parenting is one option that parents who aren't in a relationship have for raising their children. Fathers who consider this option should be ready to work hard to make the arrangement work. Co-parenting means that you will still have to deal with your ex a lot more than what you would have to if you opted for a traditional child custody arrangement. The benefits of co-parenting might outweigh the work that you have to put into it, so make sure that you think about your child when you make the decision.

Can failing to pay child support keep me from getting a passport?

As a father, you may have all sorts of concerns after a divorce. For example, you may be worried about your ability to pay alimony or spend time with your child. However, child support can be particularly troubling, especially if you are going through financial hardships. If you live in Indianopolis, or another part of Indiana, failing to make your child support payments on time could affect you in many different ways. Moreover, some men are told to pay child support for a child which is not theirs. If you are worried about being required to pay child support for a child that is not biologically yours, you should explore all options, such as DNA testing.

Preventing your ex-spouse from moving with your kids

Many of the divorced dads that we here at Schembs Law work with may not only be concerned about losing custody of their kids, but losing contact with them altogether should their ex-wives choose to relocate. If you share this same concern, you may be relieved to know that Indiana state laws requires both you and the court to be involved in your ex-spouse’s decision to move.

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