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Month: July 2019

High poverty rates among divorced persons

When a couple in Indiana makes the painful choice to end their marriage, one of the next things they face is the challenge of splitting up their marital estate. In most situations, both spouses end up losing some of their assets or treasured belongings. At the...

How should you split your 401k?

Property division proceedings in Indianapolis are rarely easy due to the fact that they force you into relinquishing certain assets that you likely value very much. Your 401k is no doubt chief among these. You work hard throughout your professional career to earn...

Grandparent visitation: Things to keep in mind

As a grandparent, there's nothing more important to you than spending quality time with your grandchildren. But, if your child goes through a divorce, you may find yourself facing a variety of challenges to maintain close ties with the grandkids.If both your child and...

Dealing with pet custody

As a couple prepares to divorce in Indianapolis, both sides no doubt are prepared to go to battle over certain issues. Were most to guess what these issues are, custody of the family pet would likely not be among them. Yet information compiled by the American Academy...