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Cable boxes and Christmas decor at issue in divorce case

It may be easy for those going into divorce proceedings in Indianapolis to view them as the official end of their association with their soon-to-be ex-spouses (particularly in cases where a couple does not have children together). Yet what they may view as being "the end" might actually signal the beginning of a lengthy dispute over the terms of their divorce settlement. Arguments over assets (often fueled by the emotions that both sides of a divorce feel towards each other) may prompt all parties involved to dig their heels in and brace for what could be a long, drawn out battle. 

High poverty rates among divorced persons

When a couple in Indiana makes the painful choice to end their marriage, one of the next things they face is the challenge of splitting up their marital estate. In most situations, both spouses end up losing some of their assets or treasured belongings. At the same time, each person must establish their own solo household. Since living alone costs more than living with someone else, this coupled with the loss of assets can contribute to financial challenges. 

How should you split your 401k?

Property division proceedings in Indianapolis are rarely easy due to the fact that they force you into relinquishing certain assets that you likely value very much. Your 401k is no doubt chief among these. You work hard throughout your professional career to earn funds that you can then rely on to support you during your retirement, and having to split even a portion of those funds with your ex-spouse may seem like a bitter pill to swallow. Even so, as contributions to your 401k during your marriage come from marital income, they must be included in your property division

Dealing with pet custody

As a couple prepares to divorce in Indianapolis, both sides no doubt are prepared to go to battle over certain issues. Were most to guess what these issues are, custody of the family pet would likely not be among them. Yet information compiled by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers shows that as of 2017, family law attorneys saw a 30 percent increase in the amount of pet custody disputes observed. One the one hand, some might wonder why a couple would allow an argument over who gets the family pet to hold up their divorce. On the other, many recognize that pets often become part of the family, so debating over who keeps them in a divorce is understandable. 

What are your rights when it comes to parenting time?

As a divorced parent in Indianapolis, you no doubt value your parenting time. Not being under the same roof with your kids every day makes it more difficult to impart the life lessons that you want to on them. The courts understand this, and thus place equal value on the time you have with your kids. Sadly, tensions between you and your ex-spouse may make it so that they do not care quite as much whether you get to be with your kids. This makes it that much more important that you understand how to deal with changes to your parenting time schedule. 

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