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Cable boxes and Christmas decor at issue in divorce case

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Divorce

It may be easy for those going into divorce proceedings in Indianapolis to view them as the official end of their association with their soon-to-be ex-spouses (particularly in cases where a couple does not have children together). Yet what they may view as being “the end” might actually signal the beginning of a lengthy dispute over the terms of their divorce settlement. Arguments over assets (often fueled by the emotions that both sides of a divorce feel towards each other) may prompt all parties involved to dig their heels in and brace for what could be a long, drawn out battle. 

The divorce case of former New York mayor (and current legal counsel to the President of the United States) Rudy Giuliani appears that it may be headed in that direction. Giuliani and his ex-wife are current fighting over what is reported to be a $30 million marital estate. His ex-wife claims that he is purposely his legal services to the President for free to lower his income in order to get out of paying his $42,000 monthly alimony obligation. Giuliani lawyer has countered by saying that by saying that his ex-wife simply wants him to work for the rest of his life in order to support her lavish lifestyle. Both have gone so far as to fight over seemingly minor issues (him keeping her collection of Christmas decorations, her taking his cable box and remote controls). 

Whatever negative feelings both sides of a divorce case may have towards each other, it benefits both to put aside those differences and work towards a swift and amicable resolution to their proceedings. Such a result may be possible if both sides have experienced attorneys assisting them. 

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