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Post-divorce dating and your kids

by | Feb 9, 2019 | Fathers' Rights

For many people in Indiana who have gotten divorced, there comes a time when they begin to consider getting back into the dating scene. This may happen via a conscious effort, such as signing up with an online dating site, or by happenstance, if a person unexpectedly meets someone they become romantically interested in. Either way, for people with kids still at home, this situation raises many questions about what, when and how to initiate any potential new mate to one’s children.

Very Well Family recommends that divorced daters should keep in mind the fact that not everyone they meet must be introduced to their kids. The decision to do this should not be taken lightly and parents should take on the responsibility of vetting new partners before even discussing them with their sons or daughters.

Fatherly adds that prior to making any introduction or even prior to telling a child about a new relationship, parents should work to make sure their kids are emotionally secure. This involves ensuring kids know that they are loved by and important to both of their parents regardless of the presence of anyone else in their lives.

When it seems that a relationship has real long-term potential, initial meetings should be kept casual and fun. Depending on the ages of the kids involved, parents might even find it helpful to let kids be involved in selecting an activity to invite the new person along for. When together with the new partner, the parent should be diligent about showing healthy relationship skills to their children.

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