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Cars collide in custody dispute

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Custody & Visitation

Feuding couples looking to get a divorce in Indianapolis may think that such an action effectively ends their associations with each other. However, that may rarely be the case. If a couple has children together, then they may have to continue to work together to sort out the issue of child custody. Given the level of emotion that the parties in a divorce case already may feel towards each other (coupled with the love that both may have for their children), it may be easy to see why child custody cases can become so contentious. The hope is that parents can keep such contention between themselves and not involve the kids.

Sadly, that did not happen in a recent case involving an assault between two parents in Texas. The mother (apparently incensed over a custody issue) pursued the father in her own vehicle after he had driven away from her residence. During the pursuit, she allegedly threw an object at his car while also ramming his vehicle twice on the rear passenger side and once in the back. Law enforcement authorities later found the woman, and despite her insistence that she never intended to harm her kids’ dad, she was arrested for assault with a motor vehicle.

Making matters even worse in this case is the fact that the couple’s three children were in the father’s car with him as these events took place. Actions like those perpetrated by the mother in this story may certainly cause divorced parents to question how safe their kids are when with their ex-spouses. Such legitimate concerns may prompt them to modify their custody agreements. Those needing assistance in doing this may want to seek the services of an experienced family law attorney.

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