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Generational discrepancy in divorce rates

by | Oct 7, 2018 | Divorce

For years now, many people in Indiana have heard reports bemoaning the ongoing rise in the nation’s divorce rate. Many have pointed to this trend as some sort of evidence of a breakdown in traditional societal values. Others have considered it a reflection of the changing times. New research has recently come to light that may indicate this previous increase in the divorce rate may be changing, at least for some people in specific generations.

As reported by USA Today, a sociologist at the University of Maryland has prepared information that will be shared in a presentation at a Population Association of America meeting next year. The researcher has found that for people 45 years of age and older, the divorce rate is continuing to rise. This is related to the trend many call gray divorce. When looking at people under 45, however, the opposite is seen.

Millennials, in particular, are getting divorced less often than their older counterparts. Even among the Gen X group, those persons between the boomers and the millennials, the overall divorce rate is lower than for baby boomers.

Some believe that the reduced number of divorces among millennials is reflective of the fact that many are waiting longer to get married and those who do get married are more educated and have higher earning potential. This may lead to less stress on a couple since financial problems are known to be common issues that contribute to marital strife and even to many divorces. Millennials who do not have higher educations are actually choosing to not get married.



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