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New approaches to family law reduce competition

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Family Law

Why is marriage such an enduring human institution? Beyond the simple need to continue the species, married people create a bond throughout their lives that is nothing like other relationships we end up having. Even family is not the same because we get to choose our spouses.

But that also means that people can choose to separate and start new lives. If this decision is made only by one person, it can end up a traumatic event. Even if a couple agrees to separate amicably, this can have a lifetime effect on children or others who cannot make decisions.

Although pop culture contains many images of ugly competition and warlike postures between divorcing couples, that is not how it has to be. Divorce cases always have to see the inside of a courtroom in Indiana, as courts are the authority that allows them, but many couples do not have to see it themselves.

Even when there are significant differences in opinion, collaborative law can help bring a mediation-like approach to divorce. Beyond lawyers, this may include financial planners or child care experts who can help figure out the best ways to divide assets or time spent with children.

Whether someone spends time in a courtroom to work out their own divorce, a lawyer can always help represent their interests. If it seems too difficult to prepare filings in family court, an attorney authorized to act on someone’s behalf can manage that aspect of divorce or other family dispute. No one should have to deal with the consequences of family issues alone.

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