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Child Abuse Prevention Month brings awareness to Indiana

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Custody & Visitation

Parents like to justify some of their excesses by proving they are doing things for their children’s welfare. Kids are our most precious resource in the hopes of a bright future, so parents and guardians owe their best efforts to cultivate minds and secure young bodies from harm.

Youth, however, are often among the most vulnerable groups for abuse. Trusted relationships can turn ugly through preexisting trauma, irresponsible parenting or simple neglect. An Indiana organization is making a stand as a state to prevent and reduce child abuse by raising awareness in April, designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month.

“Eighty percent of reported child abuse happens in the home or at the hands of someone that a family knows and trusts,” said the director of education and community relations for a child abuse prevention agency. “In the state of Indiana, we are all mandated reporters so if you have reason to suspect a child is endangered, stand up for kids and call local law enforcement.”

Evidence of child abuse and domestic violence may be used in family court to help determine the best interests of a child during custody proceedings. Allegations of child abuse or domestic violence can also put the entire family under the scrutiny of Child Protective Services. In either situation, you may need experienced representation to help you through the process and protect not only your rights but the rights of your child, as well.

Not every allegation of child abuse is accurate, and every situation deserves a fair hearing. If your custody proceedings are in danger because of allegations of domestic abuse, find out how an experienced attorney can help you.

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