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How can I claim visitation rights in Indiana?

by | May 8, 2020 | Custody & Visitation

If you have to split parenting time with another parent instead of sharing it, the experience is bound to be a little stressful at least. But we always want to be at our best for our kids. This is why legal representation in the quest for visitation rights is so important.

  • How is custody and visitation worked out in Indiana?

The law in Indianapolis holds that a child’s best interest is generally served by a relationship and contact with both parents even when they are separated or divorced. Exceptions exist, such as if one parent represents a danger to the child.

  • How does visitation differ from custody?

Physical custody has more to do with where a child lives and who is provided for his or her immediate needs, whereas legal custody involves the decisions made about a child’s life. A parent may have visitation rights but not physical custody rights, while legal custody may be possible in either case.

  • How can visitation be renegotiated?

Courts in Indiana understand that children’s needs change as they develop and parents’ ability to help them may also change. As a result, parenting plans and visitation may be changed when approved by the court.

  • How can I get help with claims for visitation?

An attorney can always help when parents want to claim of change visitation arrangements with children. Legal representation is useful when conflicts between parents have to be resolved in mediation, negotiation or court appearances, so a child can have a relationship with both. A court considers children’s rights but a lawyer can focus on yours.

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