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Coping with the stress of divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2017 | Divorce

Countless individuals in Indiana go through the process of divorce, and results of that process can vary greatly. Aside from overwhelming expenses and paperwork, there also exists an inevitable amount of emotional stress on the individuals going through divorce. Stress is not a topic to be brushed aside, and should be dealt with seriously. 

By first understanding the basics, those seeking divorce can better grasp their circumstances and plan during the process. Indiana Legal Services, Incorporated supplies useful information regarding divorce in the state. Indiana has a “no fault” divorce system, which means that neither party has to prove that the other did anything wrong to result in the separation. ILS also acknowledges that at least one spouse must be an Indiana resident for six months before a couple is eligible to file for divorce in the state. Overall costs for a divorce in Indiana vary depending on the situation, but the amount of time it takes for the divorce process to finalize is roughly 60 days.  

Jumping through all the required legal hoops of divorce can be exceptionally taxing on the body, including the immune system. An article in Psychology Today points out that stress ultimately affects the immune system, often resulting in illness. The idea of having to “start over” can be incredibly daunting, and other lingering questions, such as whether the settlement will be fair, also play a role in divorce-related stress. The article also provides ways to gauge one’s stress while going through an anxiety-ridden time such as divorce. It is important to understand the effects stress can have on the body so that better steps are taken to prevent illness and improve and maintain quality of life.     

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