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Tips for divorcing dads

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2017 | Fathers' Rights

It has long been a known reality in Indiana and around the country that many couples gut through marital difficulties to hold their families together for the holidays and then announce their plans to divorce in early January. Men who are in such a position this year may understandably be finding it hard to put on the good face at family events as they likely have concerns about what will happen when the divorce eventually gets underway. Among the top issues to be concerned about is what will happen to their relationships with their kids.

As explained by PsychCentral, it remains important for children to maintain connections to both parents after a divorce. For fathers who may end up having their kids less than half of the time, it may be quite difficult to verbally and emotionally support their kids’ ties with their mother but it is nonethless important to do. This will help children feel safe to openly love and bond with both parents.

One recommendation provided by The Spruce is for fathers to avoid the temptation to go overboard when they do get to spend time with their kids. Lavish vacations and expensive gifts are not really the way to create long-lasting bonds. The focus instead should be on spending quality time together. This often takes the form of simple pleasures like playing a board game together or making a batch of one’s favorite cookies.

Also important during the transition and once the divorce is final is to find a way to work collaboratively with the other parent. Proper communication between parents can go a long way toward making these relationships work better.

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