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The importance of dads in kids’ lives

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2018 | Fathers' Rights

Despite changes in societal thinking, many men getting divorced in Indiana may still today feel it can be hard to ensure they are treated equally compared to their wives when it comes to securing time with their children. A divorce naturally reduces the amount of time each parent may have with their kids so it can be even more important at this time to work to ensure fathers are allowed the time they and their kids deserve.

Healthline reported that a 2016 study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that approximately two million single parents were fathers. The report also highlighted many of the benefits that a father can offer children as compared to a mother. In many cases, men may more effectively help children feel safe to explore new things and be more independent than would women who tend to nurture and protect.

As reported by Focus on The Family, some of these benefits are achieved even through what seems like play. The typical rough-housing that is more often associated with dads versus moms, for example, can be a lot more than fun. It can actually help kids feel safe to branch out in their experiences.

In addition to fathers encouraging children to go out of their comfort zones, dads provide a different perspective on dealing with difficulties, justice, authority and discipline. Having male role models also helps kids to learn how to interact with adult males which may benefit them in future relationships both personally and even professionally.

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