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Consider these factors before adopting steppchildren

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2019 | Family Law

When Indiana residents marry a person who has children, he or she may want to adopt the kids. Adoption is a big step for a blended family and there are many factors people need to consider before they take this step. 

There are many reasons a stepparent may want to adopt his or her stepchildren. Family Education says that some people may want to take this step because it will give the family a solid legal standing. If the children’s mother or father dies, a stepparent may not always be able to take care of financial and health matters for the kids if he or she is not a legal parent. Additionally, adoption may sometimes help people keep the peace if they both bring children into the marriage. Sometimes adoption can help the kids understand that their new stepparent is committed to the relationship.

When people first consider adopting their stepchildren, it is a good idea for them to speak to their spouse. According to, couples should usually talk about how this decision might impact the family and decide whether it is a good step. It is also important for people to talk to the kids. The children may have strong feelings about adoption and it is a good idea for people to understand any concerns the kids might have. 

Once a family agrees that adoption is the right path, there are many details they still need to consider. The children will generally need new birth certificates which list their stepparent as a legal parent. These birth certificates may also list a new last name for the kids. It is important for people to understand they typically need to work with a court during this process. A judge might ask a stepparent why he or she wants to adopt the kids and a stepparent may also need to undergo a background check. Sometimes this process may seem overwhelming to families, so it is a good idea for them to seek help so they fully understand their responsibilities and the requirements of a court.

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