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Why parents may want to file for child support

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2019 | Family Law

A parent in Indiana may be hesitant to file for child support from the other parent if it means that parent will become part of the child’s life. If the parents were never married, establishing paternity might be the first step to getting child support. Whether parents are divorced or were never married to one another, the child has the right to support from both parents.

Some parents find that they are able to manage the child’s expenses on their own. This may be true in the present, but later, the parent might want help with medical and dental care or the costs of college. Furthermore, children have a right to support from both parents and a relationship with both parents. Parents need to think about what is in the best interests of their children. The child may also be eligible for health care, Social Security and other benefits from the other parent.

Not filing for child support does not guarantee that the other parent will never want to be a part of the child’s life. Parents may want to read up on state law so that they understand their situation, rights and responsibilities. It is best to find out what exactly the legal situation is instead of relying on assumptions or what they hear from others.

An attorney may also be able to explain the ramifications of filing for child support. If the parents make formal agreements for child support and visitation, the legal system may help if one parent violates the terms of those agreements. For example, if a parent stops paying child support, that parent’s wages may be garnished or other measures taken. If a parent repeatedly violates the terms of the visitation agreement, the agreement may be changed, and the parent might have less time with the children.

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