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Single mothers in indiana and the options

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Family Law

The meaning of divorce can vary depending on a wide range of factors. Some Indiana families jump easily over the obstacles of finding a new home, completing mounds of paperwork, dividing assets, and in many cases, taking care of children. But some experience months, and even years, of distress. The issue of child support may always be a controversial one, but support in regards to single mothers is a relatively new focus in the public eye.

The trials countless young mothers face can seem endless, but in Indiana, that problem may have a solution. WISH-TV covered news of a group that began discussing ways to best assist young, single mothers who need help becoming independent. As of 2014, the popular consensus favored the idea of helping mothers in need, especially those in early stages of adulthood. The group, The Womens Fund of Central Indiana, intended to broaded their focus of fundraising to mothers aged 19 to 24 — mothers at the highest risk of unsteady employment and insufficient family income. WISH-TV also mentioned another local womens’ support group called Project Home Indy, a program that houses and helps stabilize young mothers and their children.

While the exact sourcing of funds exclusively for young mothers is unknown, it appears that The Women’s Fund of Central Indiana has supplied grants for women in need for years. According to the WFCI website, the group supports women from various backgrounds, ages and experiences. Noting that 29.9 percent of female-headed families in the Indianapolis metropolitan area with children under 18 lived in poverty as of 2009, WFCI revealed the drastic imbalance between the financial wellbeing of mothers and fathers. As a result, the group, along with other organizations in the state, hope to see a decrease in the number of cases in which mothers suffer merely because of the money they make.


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