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How can you establish paternity?

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Fathers' Rights

For fathers in Indiana, it’s important to establish paternity. You won’t have any legal say in the child’s life without this, and divorcing parents will find it difficult to determine how to divide child custody time. There are four different methods that you can use to determine paternity with, including ways to establish paternity after a child has been born.

WikiHow states that there are many different legal courses of action for a father seeking to establish paternity. The easiest way is, of course, to be present at the birth of the child and to sign the child’s birth certificate. If you do this, then you automatically have a say in custody and visitation rights in the event of a divorce. Your name can also be declared on the birth certificate if you aren’t present at the time of your child’s birth.

However, not everyone is able to sign the certificate or legally declare themselves a father at that time. So what options do you have? The most common answer is to establish paternity through a DNA test. If there is any question that you’re the child’s father, this test will clear it up for you. A blood test or buccal swab might be taken. Both have very high accuracy rates. Other than that, there’s the option of a paternity statement or paternity acknowledgment. This is a legal document allowing both parents to legally say that you are the father of the child.

Establishing paternity can be crucial for divorce situations. Make sure that you have your paternity established as soon as possible to avoid additional hassle.

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