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Helping a middler schooler through a divorc

by | Apr 7, 2019 | Custody & Visitation

Most people in Indiana would agree that there is no easy part of a divorce. However, for people with kids, most agree that the hardest part is telling their kids and helping their children navigate the changes in their lives. Depending on the children’s ages, parents will need to adjust how they talk with or work with their kids to best manage their emotions during a divorce.

As explained by Our Everyday Life, one thing that a child in the middle school years and the tween years may be susceptible to is taking on responsibility for their mother’s or father’s happiness. Some kids end up trying to tackle the happiness of both parents, only adding to their own burden. This might happen if a child notices one or both parents being obviously unhappy or not functioning well through the divorce.

This risk is one reason that parents need to manage their own emotions well in front of kids and also have frank conversations with their children about their needs. Moms and dads should work hard to keep hostility at bay in front of kids to further exacerbating this problem. adds that when kids are feeling stuck between their parents, they may be more prone to their own physical or emotional problems. This highlights yet another reason for parents to find ways to work collaboratively together for the good of their kids. This even includes saying positive things about each other to their children and ensuring kids witness parents being polite when in person.



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